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Products and Services, Corporate - Oct 10, 2018 by Xerox Corpration

Xerox at #PRINT18 Highlights: Where Physical Meets Digital

Amazing things happen at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds — and Xerox is at the heart of it all. Whether you were on-site in Chicago or followed online, you can revisit the activity at our booth as we help you connect the physical and digital worlds. #PRINT18
Corporate - Jan 04, 2017 by Xerox Corpration

New Xerox Brother Dominic Commercial

40 years later, Xerox is helping Brother Dominic miraculously share information in new ways. Brother Dominic must create 500 manuscripts in 35 languages, personalized and distributed across 7 continents. See how Xerox helps him accomplish a virtual miracle -- with digital technology, apps and software to translate, personalize and securely share his document...and even print it as a mug!
Corporate - Oct 22, 2013 by Xerox

Xerox Celebrates the Creation of Xerography

In 75 seconds, we take you on a journey that started with a single man wanting to make work a little less tedious and a little more productive. Xerox has strayed little from this original purpose, and today we celebrate Chester Carlson and his ...
Oct 22, 2008 by Xerox Podcast

Xerox 914 TV Commercial