Services and Software

inVentiv Patient Access Solutions

RSA Medical

Healthy Communities Institute

Intrepid Learning Solutions

Consilience Software, Inc

ISG Holdings, Inc

Smart Data Consulting

Invoco Holding GmbH

CPAS Systems Inc.

Customer Value Group Ltd. (CVG)



Lateral Data

The Breakaway Group

XL World

Innova Consulting (Facilities)

Education Sales and Marketing

Miller Technology Solutions

Newfield IT

CredenceHealth, Inc.


WaterWare Internet Services

Spur Information Solutions

  • Announcement Date: 11/1/2010
  • Company location: U.K.
  • Press Release:
    • 11/1/10 ACS, A Xerox Company, acquires Spur Information Solutions

TMS Health

  • Announcement Date: 10/15/2010
  • Company location: Boca Raton, FLA
  • Press Release:
    • 10/15/10 ACS, A Xerox Company, acquires TMS Health


  • Announcement Date: (closed 8/2/2010)
  • Press Releases:
    • 5/25/10 ACS, A Xerox Company, acquires ExcellerateHRO
    • 8/2/10  ACS, A Xerox Company, completes acquisition of ExcellerateHRO

ACS (Affiliated Computer Services)

Advectis, Inc.

  • Announcement Date: 9/12/07
  • Company Location: Atlanta, GA


  • Announcement Date: (closed 11/10/06)
  • Company Location: NY
  • Press Releases:
    • 10/3/06 Xerox to Acquire XMPie
    • 11/10/06 Xerox Completes Acquisition of XMPie

Amici, LLC

  • Announcement Date: (closed 7/24/06)
  • Company Location: Albany, NY
  • Press Releases:
    • 6/14/06 Xerox to Acquire Amici LLC; $174 Million Acquisition Expands Document Management Offerings for Growing E-discovery Market
    • 7/24/06 Xerox Completes Acquisition of Amici LLC

Document Technology and Distribution

One Source Managed Services

  • Announcement Date: 7/29/2013
  • Company Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Zeno Office Solutions

  • Announcement Date: 4/11/2013
  • Company Location: Tampa, FL


Zoom Imaging Solutions

  • Announcement Date: 12/11/2012
  • Copmany Location: Modesto, CA

Fuchs Business Solutions

  • Announcement Date: 12/10/2012
  • Company Location: Milwaukee, WI

Martin Whalen Office Solutions

RK Dixon



Bennett's Business Systems

Xerographic Solutions

Midwest Business Solutions

Premier Office Equipment

United Business Solutions

Concept Group

Georgia Duplicating Products

  • Announcement Date: 9/1/2010
  • Company location: Macon, GA
  • Press Release:
    • 9/1/10 Global Imaging Systems, A Xerox Company, acquires Georgia Duplicating Products

Irish Business Systems

  • Announcement Date: 1/20/2010
  • Company Location: Ireland

ComDoc, Inc.

  • Announcement Date: 1/30/09
  • Company Location: Akron, OH

Precision Copier Service, Inc. DBA Sierra Office Solutions

  • Announcement Date: 7/18/08
  • Company Location: Reno, NV

Saxon Business Systems

  • Announcement Date: 5/29/08
  • Company Location: Miami Lakes, FL

Veenman B.V.

  • Announcement Date: (closed 6/30/08)
  • Company Location: The Netherlands

Better Quality Business Systems

  • Announcement Date: 1/31/08
  • Company Location: New Albany, IN

Image Quest, Inc.

  • Announcement Date: 11/20/2007
  • Company Location: Wichita, KA

Inland Business Machines (Sacramento)

  • Announcement Date: 9/20/07
  • Company Location: Sacramento, CA

Marbaugh Reprographics Supply Co.

  • Announcement Date: 8/17/07
  • Company Location: Indianapolis, IN

Blackstone Valley Office Systems

  • Announcement Date: 6/29/07
  • Company Location: Lincoln, RI

Global Imaging Systems, Inc.

  • Announcement Date: (closed 5/11/07)
  • Company Location: Tampa, FL
  • Press Releases:
    • 4/2/07 Xerox Intends to Buy Global Imaging Systems
    • 4/4/07 Xerox Begins Tender Offer To Acquire Global Imaging Systems
    • 4/27/07 Xerox Announces Expiration of HSR Review for Acquisition of Global Imaging Systems
    • 5/9/07 Xerox Completes Tender Offer for Global Imaging Systems
    • 5/11/07 Xerox Completes Acquisition of Global Imaging System