Paul Ramirez, president of Barrington Press in Paramus, New Jersey had a problem – his offset presses were offline as much as three hours a shift. The downtime, set-up and overtime costs made it difficult to keep jobs profitable. Knowing that delivering high quality printing with quick turnaround was critical to grow his business, Ramirez looked to Xerox for a solution and the answer was to go digital with the Xerox iGen® 5 Press.

“If someone would have told me how much money I’d be saving each month using the Xerox iGen 5 Press, I wouldn’t have believed it,” says Ramirez. ”When we combined the excessive paper waste, overtime wages and offset press supplies, the numbers were staggering.”

With its market leading uptime, substrate versatility and job automation features, the iGen 5 created a fundamental turnaround at Barrington Press. The figures tell the story. In the year Barrington Press has owned its iGen 5, the company has saved $10,000-$15,000 per month and has created new opportunities for growth.  

“We could never truly pinpoint how much revenue we were losing to down time and missed business opportunities because of the capacity of our presses,” says Ramirez.  “Now, I have surplus capacity. In ten years, I have never experienced profitability like this.”

Forty miles away in the neighboring town of Edison, New Jersey, Darren and Michael Solomon of Prodigital Printing, were undergoing similar struggles with their digital presses. Continually faced with press downtime and low output, the brothers sought Xerox for a solution. “We needed a high performance digital press that would reduce daily downtime and increase productivity,” says Michael Solomon, Principal of Business Development. “Xerox has a good reputation and we were in the market for an upgrade.”

The addition of the iGen 5 and the fifth color station options have opened up new opportunities for Prodigital Printing to better serve customers with true brand colors. “The iGen 5 Gamut Extension Tool and fifth color option, plus the addition of white dry ink expands the applications we can offer customers,” says Mr. Solomon. “We’re able to quickly and accurately match colors, which gives our shop a competitive advantage.”

“We have all the capacity we need. We have the freedom to accept jobs large and small and we don’t face the worry of overtime. Our old digital presses got us into the game, our Xerox iGen 5 has taken us to the next level,” Mr. Solomon concludes.

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