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Xerox Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: XRX) (“Xerox Holdings”) today announced the commencement of a cash tender offer (the “Offer”) by its wholly owned subsidiary, Xerox Corporation (“Xerox,” and together with Xerox Holdings, the “Company”), for up to $350 million aggregate principal amount of its 3.625% (now 4.625%) Senior Notes due 2023 (CUSIP No. 984121CQ4) (the “Notes”), upon the terms and conditions set forth in the Offer to Purchase dated May 20, 2022.

The Offer is scheduled to expire at 12:00 midnight, New York City time, at the end of June 17, 2022 (unless extended) (the “Expiration Time”).

Holders of Notes (“Holders”) who validly tender their Notes at or prior to 5:00 p.m., New York City time, on June 3, 2022 (the “Early Tender Time”) will be eligible to receive the “Total Consideration” of $1,007.50 per $1,000 principal amount of Notes tendered, which includes the “Early Tender Payment” of $30 per $1,000 of the Notes.  Holders who validly tender their Notes after the Early Tender Time but on or before the Expiration Time will be eligible to receive the “Tender Offer Consideration,” which is equal to the “Total Consideration” minus the “Early Tender Payment.”

Xerox’s obligation to accept for purchase, and to pay for, Notes validly tendered is subject to certain conditions. Xerox may waive any of the conditions if they are not satisfied.

Subject to the satisfaction or waiver of certain conditions, Xerox reserves the right, following the Early Tender Time, to accept for purchase prior to the final settlement date all Notes validly tendered at or prior to the Early Tender Time (an “Early Settlement Election”). Xerox will announce whether it intends to exercise the Early Settlement Election following the Early Tender Time.

If Xerox exercises the Early Settlement Election, it currently expects the settlement date for Notes tendered at or prior to the Early Tender Time to occur promptly after the exercise of the Early Settlement Election. The settlement date for Notes tendered after the Early Tender Time and at or prior to the Expiration Time and accepted by Xerox for purchase in the Offer will occur promptly after the Expiration Time.  Notes tendered may be validly withdrawn at any time prior to 5:00 p.m., New York City time, on June 3, 2022, but not thereafter.  In addition to the Total Consideration or Tender Offer Consideration, as applicable, Holders whose Notes are accepted for payment in the Offer will receive accrued and unpaid interest up to, but not including, the applicable settlement date.

If the purchase of all validly tendered Notes on the applicable settlement date would cause Xerox to purchase a principal amount greater than $350 million (the “Tender Cap”) of the Notes, then the Offer will be oversubscribed and Xerox, if it accepts Notes for purchase in the Offer, will accept for purchase tendered Notes on a prorated basis as described in the Offer to Purchase.  If the Tender Cap is reached in respect of tenders of Notes made at or prior to the Early Tender Time, no Notes that are tendered after the Early Tender Time will be accepted for purchase unless the Tender Cap is increased by Xerox, in its sole discretion.

Xerox reserves the right, but is under no obligation, to increase the Tender Cap at any time, subject to compliance with applicable law.

Citigroup Global Markets Inc. (“Citi”) is acting as sole dealer manager for the Offer.  For additional information regarding the terms of the Offer, please contact Citi at (800) 558-3745 (U.S. toll-free) or 1 (212) 723-6106.  Requests for documents may be directed to Global Bondholder Services Corporation, which is acting as the depositary and information agent for the Offer, at (855)-654-2014 (toll-free) or (212) 430-3774 (collect for Banks and Brokers).

None of Xerox, the dealer manager, or the depository and information agent make any recommendations as to whether Holders should tender their Notes pursuant to the Offer, and no one has been authorized by any of them to make such recommendations.  Holders must make their own decisions as to whether to tender their Notes, and, if so, the principal amount of Notes to tender.

This press release does not constitute an offer to purchase or a solicitation of an offer to sell Notes or other securities, nor shall there be any purchase of Notes in any state or jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation, or purchase would be unlawful prior to the registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such jurisdiction. The Offer is being made solely by the Offer to Purchase dated May 20, 2022.

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