Earth Day kicked off on April 22, as the world’s largest observance aimed at building a clean environment. 

For decades, Xerox has been delivering sustainable technology, services and solutions that help customers and the planet. To build on our environmental heritage, this year Xerox is unveiling a campaign to spotlight the sustainability component of several of its transportation offerings which help make green work better.   

The Green Route
In Los Angeles and Denver, we launched a mobility platform to help residents and tourists make transportation choices more easily. The Go Denver and Go LA apps take an individual’s destination and desired arrival time, and calculates the different routes available, including the greenest option. The app aggregates and calculates the time, cost, carbon footprint, and health benefits from walking, biking, driving, parking, taking public transit, as well as the emerging ride-hailing options.

Less Circling, Less Emissions
Research has shown that on average, 30 percent of the cars in congested downtown traffic circle the block, looking for parking.  If you reduce that congestion, you reduce emissions and fossil fuel use. Xerox helps Los Angeles do this through the city’s smart parking project, LA Express Park.  Xerox provides parking management, dynamic pricing, and support for parking rate and policy changes for the city.

More Sustainable Tolling
Another transportation offering that helps to reduce congestion and auto emissions are toll collection systems, like E-ZPass in the North East U.S. and other similar systems across the country.

In a broader look at Earth Day, Xerox’s #GreenHacks campaign used social media to solicit and capture ideas of how people, businesses and communities can cleverly support greener habits. Join the conversation at #GreenHacks. Xerox blogs is generating contributions from employees, executives and general public to highlight their #GreenHacks.

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