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Corporate, Earnings/Financial - Jul 28, 2020

Xerox Releases Second-Quarter Results

"While the bulk of our markets were fully or partially shut down during the quarter, our team’s financial discipline enabled us to deliver positive earnings per share and cash flow while continuing to invest in key areas of growth,” said Xerox Vice Chairman and CEO John Visentin.
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Corporate, Earnings/Financial - Apr 28, 2020

Xerox Releases First-Quarter Results

“While Xerox saw an immediate impact to our business due to the rapid implementation of lockdown measures globally, the disciplined approach we implemented over the last two years provided a foundation to move quickly to preserve cash, continue operations, provide support to our many clients on the frontlines, and apply our manufacturing and R&D expertise to help save lives. I’m incredibly proud of the Xerox team’s dedication and ingenuity during this extraordinary time.” - Xerox Vice Chairman and CEO John Visentin
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